Among all events of Russian history the campaign of the French Army against Russia in 1812 strikes with dramatic and senseless result of that adventure. All romanticism and adoration, associated with Napoleonís genius, vanished in the snows of Russia. Itís like a French theater play, where everyone fusses, but nothing happens, because all is senseless and human vanity ends with forgetting of the death. A resembling image began to crystallize in my consciousness. I had a stage full of snow. I had to populate it with actors. Napoleon was reduced from emperor to a miserable, desperate, homeless man, rushing about through Russian snows. French soldiers became almost naked, just with remains of their uniforms and arms. All that was united by a nude female figure of Republic with a flag, no one knows why lost in that crowd. And the most important thing: Russian soldiers in that act were replaced by Russian double-headed eagles of human size, dressed in greatcoats and felt boots. They became an organizing power ruling the acting of French actors led by Napoleon. Their appearance completed the whole composition of that sad performance.

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