“The Odyssey” is the most numerous series I’ve ever made in whole my artistic life. During five years of my living in Homeric epos I revealed some qualities in me, I’d never suspected to possess. My “Odyssey” originates from ancient vases, sketched by me in the Hermitage. I was so thrilled by that world that it even seemed to me I hear the sounds of that time. My visual sensation of antiquity found its pungency and vividness. My fantasy was so much spreading and growing that in the end erased all my memories of ancient vases. The cycles of Dreams, of Calypso, of Hades etc., which emerged, apart from vases, out of experienced by me Homeric subjects, united and created a single whole, I was striving for. The series received a spatial and temporal scale. Centaurs populated it and became a connecting element of time and place – the homeland of my Odyssey. And Antiquity found its modern image.

Odessy Odessy 2


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