During my stay in Central Asia was marked by a variety of visual genres in which I have translated their experiences - experiences of the artist. Here and paintings, drawings, watercolors and gouaches, and of course my favorite print. The result was an integral picture of the then Central Asian world. Time passed, and looking far from the present to these works, amazing how a unified and powerful visual effect, which appeared in a multitude of permeated life images, now gone to the past, Soviet Uzbekistan.

When I got to Central Asia, the image Kuznetsovskogo Turkestan lukewarm. Since my first trip there in 1964, was held together with Igor Kupryashin, then, unlike him, I was attracted to other visions. In addition to painting landscapes, I focused on two topics.

Theme One - Caryatids. In Samarkand, all the women wore all that is usually boxed in his hands, setting on the head. From this figure take on majesty and elegance. Naturally I'm with them there and then did the outline, and then to the hotel from just painted - assemble. This was perhaps one of the most vivid episodes of the time.

Theme of the second - it afrasiabskie spines. Afrasiab - an ancient Samarkand, entered the land and in some places, turned into a cemetery. In this land of autumn appear withered thorn in the sunshine bright to black. It's like a meal and desert at the same time the burning bush. I am pleased to bring them to a series of etchings.



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